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  • DAY 1: Arrived in Bremen, the city of the famous "4 musicians", the first stage can only be the beautiful market square (Marktplatz), next to the Town Hall, where the children will immediately look for the bronze statue dedicated to the fable of the Brothers Grimm. From May to September, every Sunday (12.00) you can attend near the Cathedral to an open-air show: protagonists of the 4 animals of the story that will tell their story. A visit to the oldest district of the city, Schnoor, full of shops and typical restaurants is worthwhile, while in the university area in Wienerstrasse (you can get there by public transport from the central station), it is interesting to visit the Universum Science Center to discover the world playing on 250 exhibition elements and simulators to explore the earth, men and the cosmos.
  • DAY 2: Little sister wants to see the Bremen Town Musicians, big brother wants to go on the high ropes course, dad wants to see the place where his favourite car is manufactured and mum wants to go to the museum. Keeping everybody happy isn't always easy! CLIK ON THE LINK TO DISCORVER WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR KIDS FOR 'perfect days' in Bremen with tips and ideas on the best way of spending 24 hours in the city so that everyone goes home with many wonderful memories.
  • DAY 3: BREMEN HAMELIN (162 KM) We leave the city and continue to the region of Mittelveser characterized by beautiful nature. We stop in Nienburg, which refers us to the German legend of the little Nienburgerin. For entertaining children it will be a boat ride along the river with the Weser fleet or admire the art of wood carving. If you arrive in mid-May then there is the large asparagus market, a typical product of the area (with its museum). About 30 km further south we meet the Steinhuder Mehr Nature Park which also includes the homonymous lake, a place inhabited since 140 million years ago. There are many outdoor activities here, such as canoeing and cycling trips. If the children are interested in dinosaurs, it is worth a visit, about 20 minutes away, the Dinosaurier Park Munchehagen. We continue south-east to Hameln, a place famous for the fairy tale of the Pied Piper, which recalls the ancient legend about the invasion of mice in 1200, resolved thanks to a man who with his pipe moved the rats to the river, where they drowned. To recall this story the city every Sunday from May to September, at 12, offers a show followed by games. Also the Museum of Hameln offers among various sections the one linked to the aforementioned legend. Do not miss a ride through the historic center, a real gem.
  • DAY 4: HAMELIN SABAMBURG We head south and stop after only 25 km at Bodenwerder, where we are catapulted into the magical past of Baron Carl Friedrich Hieronymus von Munchausen, listening to the stories told in his castle. Continuing on our journey we find the idyllic village Polle; the mighty and evocative ruins of the Renaissance Castle (the Burg Polle), from whose belvedere you catch an amazing panorama over the Weser valley, are the ideal place for free outdoor performances of Cinderella, (from May to September) every third Sunday of the month, which revive the fairy tale in all its expressive power. Do not miss the city center tour featuring beautiful Renaissance houses and a boat trip on the Weser River. We continue our journey right along the banks of the river Weser which gave its name to this region, until after about 50 km in the beautiful region of Reinhardswald. Here the landscape is fantastic and is full of paths to do with children in nature, as well as many magical places to visit: Oberweser has inspired the brothers Grimm in fairy tales like Puss in Boots and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After a few kilometers we arrive in the Reinhardswald forest, in Sababurg, where we await the castle where the prince kissed Sleeping Beauty in the forest, and every week there is a fairy tale show. Nearby you can visit the Tierpark Sababurg zoo.
  • DAY 5: SABAMBURG (KASSEL) Next stop a few miles is Trendelburg where the tower that leads us to Raperonzolo (Rapunzel) gives us an unforgettable view of the forest. Another 35 km and you get to the capital of the fairytale road that is Kassel. In this city of art and culture, we follow the traces of the Grimm Brothers starting with a visit to the Grimmwelt Museum, where we find the story of their lives and collections of editions and translations of their fairy tales. From May to October you can also watch the spectacle of fascinating water games by waterfalls and fountains.
  • DAY 6: DAY KASSEL - HANAU If your curiosity is not finished we continue to the land of Little Red Riding Hood that begins about 50 km from Kassel, with the park of Knullwald where you can see bears and wolves and other 200 kinds of animals. Continue another 30 km and arrive in the dense woods of Schwalmstadt, a town inspired by the fairy tale, where you can visit the local museum where typical costumes are displayed; in the summer period then you can attend initiatives and events dedicated to the story. 45 km more and you arrived in Marburg, where the Brothers Grimm studied in the university. A walk in this delightful town will literally take you on a hunt for fairy tales, between the slipper lost by Cinderella at the foot of the Castle, the wolf and the seven kids that look out from a wall and the mirror of Snow White's stepmother! The classic route of the "Fairy Tale Road" ends with the two final stages of Steinau, where there is the house of the Brothers Grimm, and Hanau which is their hometown
  • DAY 7: HANAU . In the morning start your visit with the Brothers Grimm National Monument and the Hessian Museum of Dolls with so many different dolls and doll houses . The north side of the museum is dedicated to the history of dolls from antiquity to present-day and invites to a trip in time back 2400 years. The southern side focuses on subjects like doll dishes, Kate Kruse, Japanese world of dolls and modern miniature doll houses Moreover, toys are readily waiting in every room for children to play with them. The Museum of Dolls is open Tuesday to Friday from ten to 12 and 14 to 17 o'clock. On Saturdays and Sundays doll lovers can visit the exhibition between ten and 17 o'clock . In the afternoon drive to Wilhelmsbad a state park that contains the ruins of a castle, commissioned by Prince William of Hesse-Kassel, from 1779-1791. It was built as an “artificial ruin”, as a revival of the German medieval style. It eventually underwent some restorations and has been open to the public since 1999. You can book a tour of the castle, and enjoy all the park has to offer, such as the carousel, artsy garden, the museum, the museum shop, or a concert.
  • DAY 8: HANAU –FRANKFURT It is little more than a one hour drive to Frankfurt where you will leave your car.

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